excited to see what 2013 has in store for us 💗

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sleepytime for meee

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By Jeremy Miranda, each of these beautifully done paintings has such a dreamy sense of layers, and worlds within worlds. The thread connecting each piece, using ladders, really is a sharp focus for the work linking different dimensions to one another, mesmerising stuff. 

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do yo thang, honey

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hashtag practice DOES NOT make perfect, obvs

I just french braided my hair without looking #threecheersforme
Love a warm cup of tea pressed up against my cheek #fuzzyfeelies
I’ll have a credit card of my own in less than a week #baller
I just scored a 48% on a practice NCLEX exam #lordhelpme
I chipped my nailpolish and brushed it all off my sweatshirt without thinking #sorrymom
I’ve seen Hunger Games three times within the past week #i’vegotissues
Watched the Lorax for the first time today with my stepdad #LOVE
About to go pour me some Eggnog #postholidaydenial

nothing wrong with being in love with someone

questions from Jilly-Bean (jillybees)

1. If you were to paint your nails any color right now what would it be and why?
Well right now they’re black, and I’m happy with them. My mom popped the polish in my stocking for Christmas :)

2. Looking back at the past year, is there anything you would change?
Nothing. Instead I think back and feel grateful for things. Another strong, solid year with Michael. Receiving my care partner job. Two 4.0 semesters. Coming home to Missy. Michael’s inevitable promotion.

3. How are you planning on ringing in the new year?
Well I’d originally had plans to go to a party one of my friends from high school is throwing, but Michael wasn’t given off New Years day like he’d hoped and has to be into work pretty early. I’m still thinking about it, but most likely I anticipate lots of cuddling.

4. If there was one appetizer, main and dessert you had to eat your whole life, what would they be?
Time to get sneaky. I love nachos, and though usually I have them as a meal, because they’re listed on menus as an appetizer, I’d make nachos my appetizer, a chicken wrap loaded with all my favorite toppings/veggies/cheeses for my main meal, and for dessert, a Beach Bum smoothie #ifonlycaloriesfatsandsugarsdidn’tmatter

5. What musical instrument would you like to learn and why?
Piano. It’s just so beautiful.

6. Finish the sentence: “When I get home the first thing I do is…”
change into something comfortable (which usually ends up being pajamas)

7. Finish the sentence: “My favorite thing about myself is…”
I like how happy other people’s happiness can make me

8. If you had a daughter, (or another one), what would you name her?
I’ve always really liked the name Lyla

9. What is your favorite song right now and why?
Ho Hey. Michael texted me a couple weeks back randomly one morning saying he woke up with that song stuck in his head, and that it made him think of me. It just really made me smile

10. What is your favorite holiday memory, of your adult years?
Frosting Christmas cookies is always fun with the family, and more recently, the game Pickle with Michael’s side

my heart, it swells

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we be matching in our penguin pajama pants #gooberheads

Thanks for treating Michael and I to the movies, mom! Michael wants to name the pup we’ll one day get Django ☺